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Cascade & Porter Mountains


Discover one of the most accessible panoramas of the Adirondacks at the peak of Cascade Mountain. The top of this 1249-meter-high (4097 ft) mountain offers breathtaking views of the High Peaks including: Marcy, Algonquin, Giant, Gothics and more. In addition, this summit is only 3.5 km (2.17 miles) from the parking lot, so getting to the top does not demand much effort.

C’est Notre Monde invites you to combine this summit with that of neighbouring Porter Mountain just 1 km (0.62 mile) further on. This short detour allows you to admire the rocky summit of Cascade while keeping the High Peaks in view.

The short distance and exceptional view of the High Peaks make Cascade and Porter an excellent choice as an introduction to the Adirondacks for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

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Things to Know

To enjoy your hike, you must:

Be equipped: The ascent of Cascade Mountain can be quite steep in some places. Good hiking shoes are recommended. In winter, snowshoes are compulsory any day after heavy snowfall. Otherwise, crampons are sufficient. Always pack enough water (3L) and food.

Be informed: An information board is located at the trailhead as well as a check-in register. A quick look at the weather (site linked below) is essential before each departure.

Parking: Parking is dotted along Route 73, “Cascade Road”. Late arrivals will have to park further down from the trail head, so caution is advised on this busy road.

The Hike

Once signed-in on the hiker’s register, follow the path that goes into the forest. This hike is short, so the path begins to climb quickly. Some passages are quite steep but there is no real difficulty and the trails are well maintained. After 2.5 km (1.55 miles), an opening in the forest reveals the High Peaks for the first time, including the majestic Mount Algonquin, which towers over you. Continuing your ascent, you will come across an intersection: on the left, the Cascade summit and on the right that of Porter. Because they are so close, it is feasible to do both in one trip. Starting with Cascade, you will find yourself on a rocky summit. To reach the highest point, you will have to continue the trail following the cairns. The view is exceptional. The largest peaks of the Adirondacks are visible forming an impressive mountain range: Algonquin, Colden, Marcy, Haystack, Gothics, Big Slides, Upper and Lower Wolfjaw and of course the Giant. It is without a doubt one of the best views in the area.

Tip: Do not hesitate to combine the two summits of Cascade and Porter. Both are doable in one day and without much effort. Porter Mountain boasts a view as beautiful as its neighbor and is less crowded

Retrace your steps back to the intersection and head toward Porter. After 1km (0.62 mile), you will reach the top with an unobstructed view of Cascade and the other High Peaks. Since Porter Mountain is less well known it is possible that you will have this summit all to yourself.

For the descent, retrace your steps back to the parking lot, about 4 km (2.5 miles). Do not forget to sign out from the trail on the hiker’s register.





8.8 km / 4.9 miles (round trip)


4 h


1249 meters / 4097 feet Cascade
1237 meters / 4058 feet Porter

Height difference

797 meters / 2615 feet

Useful informations

The hike in 3D

See on Caltopo (detailed)

See on Google Maps (basic)

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