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Iroquois Peak


The less well known, but no less stunning, Iroquois Peak is the eighth highest summit of the Adirondacks. At 1476 meters (4842 ft) above sea level, it is an extension of the Algonquin Peak ridge. It offers great views of the Adirondack wilderness, the high peaks and the Keene Valley. Its ascent also allows you to climb both the Wright Peak and Algonquin Peak in one hike. So what are you waiting for? Follow C’est Notre Monde to the top of Iroquois Peak!

Things to know

To enjoy your hike, you must:

Be equipped: For the ascent of Iroquois Peak, you will need hiking shoes with a good grip. The path is very rocky and at certain points completely covered by smooth, slippery boulders. Hiking poles are useful on a large part of the trail. Be mindful to bring enough water (3L) and food (especially if you decide to loop through Colden Lake). Finally, we suggest you bring a raincoat or windbreaker for when you reach the summit.

Be informed: A Ranger’s cabin is located in the parking lot. Speak with the Rangers and share your route. They will inform you of the weather conditions and the state of the trails. You can also purchase equipment, maps and rent crampons during the winter months.

Parking: There is a fee for parking. Only cash accepted.

The Hike

To start, join the summit of Algonquin Peak by following the detailed instructions here. After enjoying the second highest peak of the Adirondacks, continue the trail down the ridge. You will be able to see Iroquois Peak in the distance. Please stay on the trail to help regenerate the recovering alpine vegetation surrounding you. The path is totally uncovered by trees offering a magnificent view of the Keene Valley and the High Peaks. After 500 meters (0.3 mi.), you will finish your descent and arrive at a marked intersection. On your left, a trail joins Colden Lake at the bottom of the mountain. Straight ahead a path will take you to the top of Iroquois peak. After rain, the trail can be muddy. During your ascent, some passages require that you climb over rocks. however, this path does not require enormous effort. When you arrive at the summit you will enjoy a superb 360 degree view of the massif. At the end of the crest you can contemplate the Adirondack wilderness in all its glory.

Tip: Climbing Iroquois Peak is an opportunity to summit several major peaks in one hike while enjoying the view over the Algonquin ridge. If you are an early bird, begin your hike before sun up to see the sunrise over the ridge. An unforgettable experience

The way back to the parking lot is possible via two routes; either by Algonquin Peak summit (retracing your steps) or by Colden Lake. For the route by Colden Lake, retrace your steps to the last intersection mentioned above and follow the sign for Colden Lake. For more details on what to expect, refer to the Algonquin Peak article.




(round trip)

(Colden lake loop)


15 km / 8.7 miles (round trip)
20 km / 12.43 miles (lake Colden loop)


1476 meters

Height difference

1025 meters / 3363 feet

Useful informations

See on Caltopo (detailed)

See on Google Maps (basic)

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